What You Could be Doing


Impatient to start working on real work? Frustrated about having to wait to receive your diploma to get hands-on with real-world applications? High performer, entrepreneurial spirit, able to learn quickly on your own, comfortable working in an ambiguous situation? Want to develop those skills so employers will jump to hire you? Boy, have we got the project for you.

Here’s a list of the stuff we’re currently working on and the awesome things you could become an expert in!

Ground Ops
  • Running engine tests on our own
  • Vertical test stand
  • Cryogenics handling
  • Custom propellant modification/manufacture
  • Processing/testing printed engine
  • Designing Mk2 conventional engines
    • Manufacturing mk2 injectors
    • Manufacturing mk2 test combustion chamber
  • Experimenting on Mk1 engine
  • Manufacturing Mk1 injectors
    • Impinging stream injector
    • Injector improvement
  • Manufacturing Mk1 combustion chambers
    • Nozzle optimization
    • Coordinating with Material Advantage on ceramic rocket engine
  • Mid power asymmetric thrust rocket construction
  • Mid power asymmetric thrust launch – June 11
  • High power asymmetric thrust rocket design
  • Telemetry – in flight radio communication and data collection with Pi
  • Automated control
    • Ignition/Shutdown
    • Spin stabillization
    • Rocket retrieval (location)
  • Sensors addition and integration
    • Flight
    • Test stand
  • Software simulations for controls