It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… flying porta-potty in southern Michigan, apparently

Ever wondered what a porta-potty would look like if it was strapped to rockets and flying several hundred feed in the air? You and at least 30 other people, it seems.

Some crazies (or geniuses, depending on your point of view) from Three Oaks, Michigan decided that they wanted to fly a porta-potty, and there isn’t a damn thing Isaac Newton or the Feds can do to stop them. Luckily for us, Associated Press has so many reporters, some lucky bloke gets to cover this “news” instead of the presidential race. Though I suppose it’s a bit difficult to determine which is the more bizarre and interesting.

We haven’t launched anything (yet) at LPRD Rocketry as of 2/09/2016, but we’re on our way. The ignition of our student-built amateur rocket engine was one small step. Pretty soon we’ll be flying as well! If they did it, surely we can.

David Deng