Solidarity Against Fear – Nov 13 Paris Attacks

As you probably have heard by now, Paris was struck last night (their Friday night) by a series of attacks claimed by IS. As of right now, BBC reports that 129 people have lost their lives and more than 350 are injured. This is not related to rocketry, but due to the significance and gravity of this event, I want to make note if it. I think I speak for everyone at LPRD Rocketry when I say that everyone here feels the French peoples’ pain. Thoughts and emotions will not heal wounds, but the importance of a worldwide community standing in solidarity against fear cannot be understated.

We are all one people, and nothing reminds me of that more than Carl Sagan’s interpretation of the pale blue dot picture taken by Voyager 1 from 4 billion miles away. Every single one of us lives for an incredibly short period of time on this incredibly fragile planet. Every country, every company, every individual that has ever lived, breathed, and dreamed is on that tiny speck of 2 pixels by 2 pixels.  Not only that, but every child’s first birthday, every first love, every wedding day, every hello, every goodbye, every shared smile are all on that little speck.

Pale Blue Dot

We all squeeze in tight and huddle together against the endless cold and dark on this little pale blue dot we call home. This is everything we have. In all the black emptiness, we are gifted this tiny opportunity to build and create and live and thrive. Somehow, we can still be so small and petty that we turn against each other and destroy that precious opportunity.

When we stand in solidarity, we fight against the dark side of humanity. We fight against that tendency to descend into self-absorption. We fight against the tendency to forget that we’re all struggling together on this pale blue dot.

– David Deng