Hi all!

LPRD Rocketry is a project that lives on the belief that dreams should be pursued fervently and pursued now. We are a group of students at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and other Minnesota colleges, and our dream is a dream we think is shared by the human race. Ever since people have been able to look up at the heavens, the stars have been a source of wonder. We want to contribute to the engineering body of work that will allow humanity to expand to that final frontier. Specifically, we aim to use the engineering skills of students to design, manufacture, and test liquid propellant rocket engines, and we invite you to join us.

This blog is designed to be a connecting point for anyone interested in space, engineering, or awesome projects. There will be pictures, videos, and updates on the project, mixed in with a more eclectic sampling of thoughts on current events and developments in related fields. Additionally, members from the project will periodically guest write to share the exciting designs and parts they’ve been working on.

If you have any interest, I would like to personally invite you to contact us at lprdrocketry@gmail.com and get involved! We always need more help and would love to hear your ideas and opinions. Also, if you want more frequent updates, click this link here to get on our mailing list, and feel free to follow us on twitter @LprdRocketry or Facebook!

– David Deng

Updated 11/4/2015


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