Update 2/26/17 – Putting things together


Ground ops was hard at work this weekend doing some replacements on the Mk-1 test stand and organizing parts for the Mk-2 test stand. With the momentum gained this weekend, we hope to get most of the plumbing for the Mk-2 stand done over the course of the week.

Mk-2 guts.jpg

Test stand guts waiting to be assembled

We’re currently working towards doing a firing of our engine as a tutorial for new members, planned for the week after spring break, so stay tuned!

Subteam Spotlight: Avionics

We’re back from winter and are a month into our Spring semester now! As we left off last time with our plan to make a consolidated sensors platform, we have come back this semester and have finished a prototype of all our sensors on the board as shown in figure1. The circuit includes 3 thermocouple, 1 pressure sensor, 2 position sensors, 1 accelerometer and 1 load cell. Alex Brenner from our subteam also designed a circuit board for this setup to be a board that would stack above an Arduino Mega. This is something that we will be using as a display piece for a CSE Expo where we will be showing high schoolers how computers for rocket engines are designed.


Figure 1. Sensors Prototype

Also, as far as automating our test stand, we have successfully been able to implement relays driven by microcontroller controlled Power MOSFETS to control the valves. The controller is shown in figure 2 and the relay setup is shown in figure 3. The controller setup was designed such that when a given position is set by the dials, the valves would be opened to the set angle. This will help us throttle the engine at a future date.


Figure 2. Controller Setup for Automation


Figure 3. Relay Setup

Nick Knudsen, who’s working on automation is currently designing a printed circuit board to make this setup more robust and durable so it is test compatible. We hope to test this setup in one of our future tests, the nearest planned test date being in late March. Check back in later to see our progress on the circuit boards and how we would have built a consolidated setup.

Member Spotlight: Dexter Groath

My name is Dexter Groath. I am a Junior of Aerospace Engineering  and Mechanics at the University of Minnesota. I have always been fascinated with rocketry and overcoming all the obstacles to get to space, the final frontier. LPRD Rocketry allows me to build, design, and launch rockets.  Working with he Flight Team lets me know details and nuances that are often not thought of and gives knowledge that can’t be taught in a classroom.

I am an upcoming intern for Orbital ATK and look forward to a future in aerospace and launching lockets.

Dexter Groath.JPG

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