Update 2/12/17 – Under Pressure


This week, Jame did his first test as Ground Ops director with the goal of finding the pressure drops across the valves on the test stand, in preparation for a future test. Next week we’ll get a full review of the test, but for now here’s a cool video!

Now let’s get on to the Subteam Spotlight from Flight Team, and Member Spotlight from avionics member Nick Knudsen

Subteam Spotlight: Flight

Flight team has been quite buy, especially since our catastrophic failure from the end of last semester. We are currently working on building our roll control avionics bay, which is designed to stabilize the spin of our rocket in-flight. The expected launch date is near the end of March, so expect a cool update on that!

Other than that, we are also working on redesigning our Cerberus I Rocket to re-launch as the Cerberus II. Since our main issue has been lighting two motors at once for this rocket, we are designing an on-board ignition system, triggered by an acceleration for backup.


We hope to be launching this design in April or May. More updates to come on these, so stay tuned!

Member Spotlight: Nick Knudsen

My name is Nick Knudsen and I am a Freshman majoring in Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota. I joined LPRD Rocketry because I have been fascinated by rocketry for as long as I can remember. I also wanted to gain some experience building and implementing electrical and software systems. Outside of LPRD I enjoy skiing, playing guitar, reading, and listening to music. In the future, I hope to pursue a career working in the aerospace industry designing and building electrical and avionics systems for aircraft and spacecraft.



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