Update 12/11/16 – Moving Forward


As finals draw ever closer, LPRD takes a bit of a break to allow our membership more time to study. However, one major test still happened yesterday up in North Branch MN. We finally got the opportunity to launch our Asymmetric Thrust Rocket, the Cerberus, which we had been working on for the past semester. To put it lightly, things did not go as planned. The main motor of the rocket had a pressure failure and the bottom half of the rocket went up in flames. We’ll have a full report on the incident in early 2017, but until then we’ll have to make some decisions about our next design and how to get our liquid engine off the ground.

LPRD as a group is gaining quite a lot of steam. This semester, we have solidified our ignition methods, made progress on a new test stand, and have begun some work on designing our liquid rocket. It’s still in the early stages, but our long term goals put us at launching a liquid rocket in a year or two. Next year we hope to continue this upward momentum and learn a lot along the way, and I am honored to fill David’s place at LPRD as he moves upward with his internship at Blue Origin. We’re all very proud of him, and give our best wishes for his success.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at LPRD, and we hope to see you back here next year!

Subteam Spotlight: Nitrous

This semester has been a very productive one for Nitrous subteam.  Coming in as a brand new team, we had a lot on our plate to accomplish.  At the moment, we are slightly behind schedule; we were hoping to have fired the Mk1 nitrous engine by the end of the semester.  However, we have made excellent progress towards that goal.  Currently, most of our machining is complete, and the rest should be completed quickly at the beginning of next semester.  

We have ordered/received all of our hardware for the test stand conversion too and should be able to complete the setup and conversion at the beginning of next semester as well.


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