Update 10/30/2016 – Happy Halloween!

Hi all!

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has awesome plans for Halloween! LPRD Rocketry has been busy too working on spooky and terrifying things like computational fluid dynamics. The nitrous subteam has been working hard on getting their designs fully defined, and CFD software is one of the tools they’re using to do so. I’ll let them tell you about it!

Subteam Spotlight: Nitrous

These past few weeks, the Nitrous Subteam has made a lot of progress.  At this point, we are nearly ready to begin machining our first Mk1 nitrous engine.  Using some of the references available to LPRD, we were able to solve for most of the parameters for our first engine.  Compared to the oxygen-based Mk1 engine, the nitrous engine burns with less kerosene and significantly more oxidizer.  Hopefully, this should increase the benefits from utilizing the higher density of nitrous oxide by maximizing the amount of propellant we can liquify.  Simulations for the nitrous oxide injectors are going through their final refinements, and current results are about what we were expecting.  This image shows the pressure against the simulation walls and the gas jet velocity.

Nitrous Team Engine Simulation Results LPRD Rocketry oxidizer injector holes

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