Update 10/23/16 – T-t-t-test Staaaaand.

Hi all!

In addition to doing some pre-testing of our new position feedback on our control valves, we just moved our new vertical test stand into Akerman 15 this weekend! Thanks to Dan and Jame for doing such a great job on it. It took quite a bit of cleaning and rearranging to find a place to put it, but we finally got it there in the end.

Unfortunately, no pictures of the test stand (since I forgot the camera in Akerman – oops!), but I’ll make sure to get them uploaded as we begin to assemble the piping and plumbing onto the test stand.

In addition, it looks like it’s going to take longer than expected to make the necessary modifications to valves to run them automatically, so it looks like it’ll be tough to get in a firing with this test stand this semester.  We’ll keep everyone updated though, and hopefully we’ll have this thing up and running lickety split.

Subteam Spotlight: Flight

This past week, the flight subteam has been working on building two experimental rockets which we hope to launch in two weeks.  The first of these rockets is an asymmetric rocket design; it includes an additional nozzle that extends outward from one side of the rocket.  It’s purpose is to provide additional thrust to achieve greater launch speeds.  Although seemingly counterintuitive, this nozzle is located at the center of mass of the rocket, so it will not exert any torque and cause the rocket to rotate in flight.  

LPRD Rocketry asymmetric rocket fin mount

The purpose of the second rocket shown is to test an experimental roll control design.  If successful, we expect this to greatly increase the in flight stability of our rocket, and we could potentially use this design to achieve better flight stability for our main rocket.

LPRD Rocketry roll control avionics bay open


LPRD Rocketry roll control avionics bay


– Aaron Breidenbach, Flight Subteam Secretary

Member Spotlight: Ryan Ichinose

LPRD Rocketry's Ryan Ichinose

My name is Ryan Ichinose, but my baseball team has always called me “Ichi,” and I kind of like it. I think one of the biggest things to know about me is that I love pretty much anything that has anything to do with the sky; helicopters, airplanes, rockets, planets, moons, even the weather is a bit interesting. I definitely want to make a career out of the sky, I don’t really know how, hopefully either flying helicopters or engineering amazing flying things, but I think I’d be satisfied with a lot of different jobs, and who know where the wind will take me. . .

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