Update 10/16/2016 – Featuring…Us!

Hi all,

Short update this week (no subteam spotlight or member spotlight), but we do have something we think is pretty exciting. Protolabs’s case study featuring us is now published and can be seen here! For those of you who don’t remember or haven’t been with us that long, Protolabs is the company that graciously 3D printed a regeneratively cooled rocket engine for us! It’s an incredibly cool (in both senses) part, and we’re incredibly grateful they were willing to donate their services to us.

LPRD Rocketry 3D Printed Rocket Engine

LPRD Rocketry member messing around with 3D printed rocket engine


In other news, we are still working on seeing if we can’t recover any video from the firing we just ran. While it would be quite the disappointment if we didn’t get any, we do have some other data which we will be analyzing and hopefully deriving information from.

In the mean time, our subteams are working hard on progressing towards the next problem. With any luck, we will begin testing out our new, bigger engine and test stand in the coming weeks in preparation to run a firing with Orbital ATK to test out our new, 1000 newton engine. Regardless of whether we retrieve the video, the knowledge we gained on igniting the engine will carry over and help make the firing of this next engine all the more successful!

-David Deng

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