Update 9/18/2016 – All Around Me are (Un)Familliar Faces

Hi all!

LPRD Rocketry welcomed in several new faces this Saturday at our general meeting, and we certainly hope to see them around throughout the semester. As part of the general meeting, we introduced the 3D printed engine to some flow rate testing, and this continued on into the work day. The idea was to try to characterize the loss coefficient through the coolant channel of the 3D printed engine.

LPRD Rocketry Members pouring water in for flow test of 3D printed engine

Unfortunately, as we progressed, we realized something was causing an increasingly bad blockage, most likely in our filter, so we were unable to get the quantitative information we hoped we would. However, we did discover some interesting phenomena which might affect our operations later. Specifically, the pressure loss across the channels is insignificant compared to the pressure loss across the filter, even when not blocked. Additionally, once the fluid passing through the filter gives way from viscous liquid to gas, a sudden increase in flow occurs. We’ll hopefully be working through these and seeing how it affects our engine with some more testing in the upcoming weeks.

Subteam Spotlight: Ground-Ops (Previously “Launch”)

The Ground Operations Team has been hard at work over the course of the summer and the beginnings of Fall Semester working on our Mark 2 Test stand. This test stand will allow us to test our Mark 2 engines, which are designed to produce a thrust of 1000N (10 times the thrust produced by our Mark 1 engine). We’ve finished the structural assembly and are beginning to move on to our piping and plumbing.

LPRD Rocketry Vertical Test Stand

LPRD Rocketry Vertical Test Stand Skeleton

In addition, we’re starting to move towards operations. We will be scheduling more firing on our own tests, and we’ll be attempting to hold cold tests more frequently too. Thanks for following us as the semester starts to build up. We’re excited to continue with LPRD Rocketry and to begin a new phase of testing with the Ground Operations team!

-Vaughn Weirens

Member Spotlight: Vadim Stavitskiy

LPRD Rocketry Member Vadim Stavitskiy

My name is Vadim P. Stavitskiy.  This is my fourth year going to college. I am pursuing Aerospace Engineering degree and minoring in Physics. This is my second semester at LPRD Rocketry. I am currently a member of a Flight as well as Engine Sub-teams. I have always enjoyed a notion of space and when I heard of an opportunity of joining a Rocketry Club, I took that chance without a second thought.  During my free time, I like to either read a good book, listen to music, or walk in the park.  After I will get my degree, I am hoping to get employed at an aerospace company and help our nation to advance in human space exploration as well as making it easier and less expensive to get things into space.

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