Update 4/24/2016 – It’s all about the telemetry

Hi all,

We flew our testbed rocket another couple times this week with TripoliMN at their launch on the 23rd up in North Branch. This time around during the flights, we were testing our telemetry capabilities. By the way: I’d like to thank Gary Stroick for letting us fly under his certification and letting us call “his” rocket the “Happy Puppy.”

We found some interesting issues with corrupted data packets, but we can see a path to fix all of the issues we found, so good news! In our avionics bay, we flew both an Arduino (which was sending back accelerometer data via Xbees) and a Raspberry Pi (collecting many other data including video, but storing them on-board in an SD card). We have the some of the data, but are still processing most of it. Look for that next week, if you’re interested. We’ll also post on-board video (or a failure of on-board video) taken from the rocket.

LPRD rocketry members walking back after loading rocket onto launch rail

’bout to drop the hottest mixtape of 2016

There’s something about the combination of Alex’s sunglasses, Ginny’s crossed arms and wind-blown hair, Matias’s intense stare down at the ground, Dan’s coveralls, and that random guy’s hat and suspenders that makes this look like it was pulled straight out of an action film or a post-apocalyptic…

Subteam Spotlight: Engine

Engine team has been busy these past several weeks. The knowledge that we can successfully fire a liquid propellant rocket engine has been incredibly freeing. With that confidence, we can experiment with different injectors, different nozzles, etc.

We began working on impinging stream injectors a while ago, but Lee has designed a test rig which will let us test many parameters very efficiently. We’ve ordered the parts and should be building shortly. We’re also working on increasing the evenness of oxygen distribution in our chamber, but we made a few mistakes when meshing our simulation, so we haven’t quite come to a conclusion yet.

With some hard work and a little luck, we plan to have several injectors of both Mk 1 and Mk 2 size CADed and ready to machine over the summer.

The Material Advantage student group is still working on our ceramic rocket engine. They’re still running into an issue with the slip-casting manufacturing method, but appear to be well on their way to figuring it out.

David Deng

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