Update 1/31/2015: Kicking Back Into Gear

Hi all!

Welcome to the first post of 2016 and welcome back to another semester of rocketry! Short update this week, because we’re just getting into the swing of it. We started off the semester right, setting up new subteams and being our usual productive selves. This week’s highly significant accomplishment: playing with a tarp.

LPRD ROcketry team members attempt to flip a tarp while standing on it team challenge

Some members are “blind,” some are “mute,” some have “lost” their arms. But it worked out in the end.LPRD Rocketry members successfully flip a tarp team building challenge

In real news though, we were somewhat active during the winter, and actually have a pretty large development to share with the world. We will be DMLS 3D printing our regeneratively cooled rocket engine, and Protolabs has very generously agreed to print the engine for us! We would of course like to thank them very deeply. This solves an incredibly large number of problems involving both financing and manufacture. At some point, I’ll get around to putting up a “Thank You” page on this site for sponsors, mentors, and all the other people we owe gratitude towards.

CAD Model of LPRD Rocketry regeneratively cooled rocket engine chamber designed for 3D printing with single spiral coolant fuel channel

We have tons more to share, but I think I’ll leave that for the subteam spotlights (which will start up again next week). There’s plenty of work to do, and I personally can’t wait to get started again!

David Deng

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