Update 11-8-2015: New Social Media Manager, New LPRD

Hi Guys!

My name is Emily Schaefer and I am the new social media manager. I am a marketing major and a retail merchandising minor. I joined LPRD because I want a career in social media and because David made me. He thinks that being a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who qualifies me to be the social media manager of a rocketry club. So, cheers. I’ll give it my best shot!

As you guys know, we have some new control valves. This past week, we tested to make sure the team knows how to operate them and that they are fully functional. This week, we re-established contact with Orbital ATK. If they’re willing, we plan to set up a time to test our engine with them and throttle it up all the way for the first time. With any luck, this will be the first amateur built fully functional liquid propellant engine. If this goes well, we can incrementally move closer to flight.

Check out this post here if you want to take a look at our previous test.

Member Spotlight: Glen Smith

My name is Glen Smith, and I am a freshman planning to major in Electrical Engineering. I was hoping to get involved in student groups in college and decided to take a chance with LRPD rocketry and so far I have learned a lot and have really enjoyed working on the team. I am also involved with UMAD, another engineering group on campus. In my free time I enjoy playing a variety of video games as well as tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. In the future I am interested in working with renewable energy sources in any way I can and using my skills to create a more sustainable world. I am inspired by efficiency and the betterment of society as a whole. I also have a small passion for stories and really love a good hero/villain dynamic.


Sub-team Spotlight: 

The engine team is making progress towards finalizing our regeneratively cooled engine. Every week we are discovering new aspects of building a rocket engine from scratch that we have yet to address. This week, we are calculating the thermal characteristics. Last friday, David and Riley met with PhD candidate Jung Ahn to discuss the equations behind the thermodynamics of our engine.

LPRD Rocketry Design-Engine Subteam Update
The equations became very messy as we worked them out, but by the end of the meeting, we were excited to adapt our regeneratively cooled design to prevent our engine from certain meltdown. The concepts of thermodynamics are relatively new to most of us in the subteam, but we are ready to learn and overcome this new challenge. Once we adapt our design to fit certain thermal safety margins, we will be much, much closer to finally manufacturing a new engine.

LPRD Rocketry Design-Engine Diagram 1

Speaking of design, we have drawn preliminary design plans for our new engine, which we presented to our mentors and peers last Sunday. We were thankful for all of the feedback we received and we can’t wait to implement our mentor’s suggestions. Our goal is to finish our engine design and be ready to manufacture it by the end of this fall semester. We will be contacting several manufacturers shortly to discuss manufacturing possibilities. That’s all for this update.

Thanks for reading!

Emily Schaefer


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