Update 10/19/2015: An Ode to the Hammer

Before we resume our regularly scheduled programming, here is a quick eulogy in remembrance of our loyal hammer, who broke during pressure testing last weekend:

Hammer, you treated us well,

Thanks for all the nails you hit

and the parts you fit,

We are apologetic for the the way you went.

You may not have lasted long

but you did what you were meant.

All of us today are joyous,

for you have served us well.

You may be broken at the neck,

but you will be remembered in our hearts……


Sweet hammer rest your soul,

released from your wooden handle,

be free, stay true, and good bye.

~Anna Koene

IMG_0451 (1)

Our designing process is undergoing a bit of an overhaul. Instead of solely looking into regenerative cooling, the team is now also looking into the idea of using film cooling as well, possibly in correlation with regenerative cooling. Film cooling applies a thin layer of propellant on the outside of the chamber wall or injector rather than the channels or tubing used in regeneratively cooled engines. This week we’re also looking into what went wrong at our testing last weekend. Other than our faithful hammer breaking, we’ve looked into some of the parts that were busted post-testing and determined if they were still functional. It turns out the control valve is still in tact! We also compared some new valves to what we already had and planned to call tech specialists about their ideas.

~Jessica Wettstein


Member Spotlight: Jessica Wettstein


Sitting on the edge of Sugarloaf Mountain in Arkansas

My name is Jessica Wettstein and I’m a junior in the Materials Science program here at the University of Minnesota. I am the social media manager as well as a member of the test stand subteam for LPRD Rocketry. I currently have a co-op at American Engineering Testing in St. Paul, so I’m taking a semester off of classes for my internship.


Equipment for internship

I like to hike, especially in Arkansas by my grandmother’s house. This summer, a friend and took a road trip to Atlanta. It was a lot of time in the car, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

~Jessica Wettstein


Subteam Spotlight

This week, the sensors subteam is rearranging tangled wires after first testing this semester. We found there were some problems with our current circuit during the testing. Glen and Gaurav are testing and fixing our circuit.


After a couple tests and discussions, we found we did not hook up the wire correctly between the inverter and batteries in between the three way switches. Gaurav made a new design to adjust for the changes in our circuit.


We are planning to use a new bigger board to build our control panel. We will put more LED lights on the board to keep track of the activation of the switches.


~Zicheng Li


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