Update 3/8/2015 – Money Equals Freedom – Kevin O’Leary

Hi all!

Good news this week, TeslaWorks has funded the cold-testing part of our project for $3250 ($3300 if you include the funding for 3D printing), everything we asked for, so I suppose we could call that a success. We would of course like to thank TeslaWorks dearly for their support (and the fact they’re letting us operate under their umbrella). TeslaWorks does many other incredible projects worth checking out, so go take a look!

The funding is on stipulation that it’s only for a pressure test piece unless/until the University approves hot firing, so it covers all raw metal stock, fasteners, electronics, most piping and valves, but not oxygen gas or the corresponding tanks and regulators. If anyone wants to take a look, this is what it entails. Along with the funding itself, this means we can purchase materials through the University instead of contacting industrial suppliers ourselves, so this funding saves us a ton of non-monetary headache as well.

Of course, we will be following both the letter and the spirit of the University’s policies so long as we are affiliated with it. “A good reputation is worth more than money” – Publilius Syrus

This week’s update is short and sweet, as we wind down just a little bit to let the team members focus on their midterms and relax a little bit into spring break.

-David Deng


Engineering Subteam Spotlight: Propellant

The Propellant Team has finished both the design and sourcing of parts for the feed systems.  All of the parts from McMaster Carr have arrived leaving the electric ball valve, solenoid valve, and nitrogen tanks and regulators as the only remaining items. Our wonderful team assembled the various components in our possession as seen below.

If only everyone to smiled so brightly when working...

If only everyone to smiled so brightly when working…

Busy busy!

Busy busy!

The large black steel pipe will serve as the liquid reservoir complete with a drain below and an over-pressure relief valve at the top. To the right of this are various connectors and an assortment of check, purge, and blowout valves in order to keep the feed system operating safely. Once the remaining items arrive, the entire system will be assembled and hydrostatic testing can commence!

-Mike Siirila


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