Update 2/15/2015: Happy Valentines!

Hi all

Happy belated Valentines! As promised last time, we have some CAD pictures from our engine design! We might 3D print some scaled-down cutaway demonstration pieces to play with.

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines!

Cutaway of our engine design

Cutaway of our engine design

Engineering Subteam Spotlight: Propellant

The Propellant Team has been busy at work designing the oxidizer and fuel feed systems for the liquid-fueled rocket engine. After some initial discussion, gaseous oxygen and liquid kerosene were chosen as the oxidizer and fuel and gaseous nitrogen was chosen to pressurize the fuel tank. Once these decisions were made, calculations were performed to determine the oxidizer and fuel flow rates necessary for a 100 N thrust engine. From this, pipe diameter (1/2″ NPT for oxidizer, 1/4″ NPT and operating pressure (400 PSI) were decided upon. Finally, safety measures such as over-pressure relief valves, check valves, and purge valves were incorporated into the design in order to ensure safe operation.  Most of the components of the system have been chosen and budgeted although a few key items remain.

Propellant System Schematic

Propellant System Schematic

Currently, electronic valves to control oxidizer and fuel flow rates into the engine are being researched and sources of oxygen and nitrogen tanks, fills, and regulators are being examined. After these tasks are completed, ordering of parts will commence followed by assembly and hydrostatic testing of the system.

-Mike Siirila [For those of you who don’t know, Mike was the charming lad in the picture last time – DD]

We also tested out our igniter for the first time this week (video), and we did some flowcharting and made this time lapse video.







Things are starting to ramp up! Let us know what you think of everything. Email us at LprdRocketry@gmail.com or tweet at us (@LprdRocketry) or just drop a comment!

– David Deng


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